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  • Sikiwis’ Apps Generators – “The nugget” for Usine Nouvelle magazine
    Paris, april 24th 2017 Sikiwis is pleased to announce its technologies have been covered by Usine Nouvelle magazine, the leading magazine for factories innovation in France. Sikiwis was reffered to as “the nugget” for its Apps generators technologies. Link is here […]
    SIKIWIS is pleased to announce the release of its latest plateform for audit and self audit management DIGITAL-SELF-AUDIT – website here. DIGITAL-SELF-AUDIT covers the full range of requirements for audits management in large corporations. From configuring the full depth of a corporation’s internal organizations to planing group-wide audit […]
  • Sikiwis releases MADF – the Mobile Automated Document Factory
    Paris, November 28th, 2016 Sikiwis is proud to announce the release of MADF – the Mobile Automated Documents Factory. MADF is a powerful enablor for intelligent document generation, and SIKIWIS’ latest disruptive productivity module for smartphones and tablets. MADF components allow operatives and managers to create and deliver advanced […]
  • Apps Generators selected for the most demanding environments
    Paris, 14/11/2016 The Sikiwis team is proud to announce that the Apps Generators service platform is retained in the most sensitive technical environments. Several leading companies have chosen Apps Generators platform for developing solutions to evolve in demanding industrial environments. “These choices reinforce the relevance of Apps […]
  • SIKIWIS announces release of CRM-ENTERPRISE – The Smart CRM by Apps Generators – at the CRM Solutions Expo in Paris
    Sikiwis announces the release of CRM-ENTERPRISE at the CRM Solutions Expo in Paris. CRM-ENTERPRISE is the latest release of Apps Generators’ click & play zero code modules. CRM-ENTERPRISE provides a highly advanced CRM platform. CRM-ENTERPRISE offers best of breed approach for all components of it’s web features: – full web […]
    Paris, August 8th, 2016 The Sikiwis group is pleased to announce very positive S1 2016 results. Revenues from its “Solutions” activities shows over 300% growth from the same period in 2015. All markets show strong successes with large clients delivered succesfully in industry, manufacturing, finance, software and health sectors, as well as […]
  • Europe’s First Biogas Plant Goes Smarter With Apps Generators
    Paris – June 11th 2016 Sikiwis is pleased to announce its Apps Generators platform was retained by Europe’s first biogas plant producing Methane from solid organic waste operated by a leading european waste management operator. Apps Generators delivers a powerful support as an easy enablor of mobile procedures and fast integration of legacy […]
  • Sikiwis announces acquisition of Paritech International
    Paris – June 10th, 2016 SIKIWIS SAS is pleased to announce the acquisition of Paritech International, an IT development company based in Tangiers, Morocco. “We are pleased to welcome the Paritech International team onboard. This outstanding group of experts covers a wide range of technology platforms and has demonstrated exceptional quality […]
  • Apps Generators presented at the Smart Manufacturing Summit
    Paris, May 22nd, 2016 Sikiwis will meet leading industry experts at the Smart Manufacturing Summit on May 25th and 26th in Paris. Sikiwis’ Apps Generators provides competitive advantages to industries and factories by offering a powerful platform to generate advanced mobile apps for operations. These apps covers all aspects of operations such as […]
  • Sikiwis announces opening of Sikiwis Kenya
    Nairobi – May 22nd 2016 Sikiwis is pleased to announce the opening of Sikwis Kenya based in Nairobi. “We have been operating for several months in Kenya serving high level organizations in demanding environments. We are entering the final stages of our initial assignements and have decided to setup permanent operations in Nairobi. Sikiwis […]