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AIRBUS and SIKIWIS announce partnership agreement

AIRBUS and SIKIWIS announce partnership agreement

Paris, May 18th 2017

– Press release –

AIRBUS and SIKIWIS are pleased to announce the signing of a partnership agreement.

SIKIWIS is an innovative young company that has invested 8 years of research and development to create the APPS GENERATORS platform for the production of native business applications in zero code.

The agreement provides for cooperation between the AIRBUS group and SIKIWIS in order to facilitate the development of activities between AIRBUS and SIKIWIS. It aims to contribute to the growth of SIKIWIS and the creation of jobs in the field of new technologies as well as the integration of digital transformation devices within AIRBUS. AIRBUS and SIKIWIS have already begun examining opportunities for cooperation in the areas of productivity, performance, quality and safety applications within different entities of the AIRBUS Group.

“We are delighted with the development of this partnership. Our technologies offer a new approach to the implementation of mobile applications for digital transformation on smartphones. Our “zero code” approach, with 170 business modules that can be configured in 23 languages, allows each subsidiary or site to produce customized technologies to increase their efficiency and meet their digitalization needs. It opens new perspectives in terms of security, productivity, quality, operational efficiency, alert procedures, internet of things, etc. This partnership is an acknowledgment of the importance of our technologies and the contribution they can bring to the operations of the AIRBUS Group. ” said Paul Sitbon, CEO of Sikiwis.

Download the full Press Release here :

Press Release – Partnership Airbus Sikiwis en


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