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DIGITALIZR AUDITS & CERTIFICATION - The expert audit platform



DIGITALIZR AUDITS allows you to model the organization of your activity. You will have access to audit and self-audit campaigns as well as certification campaigns.


Several sections are installed in this software such as the contact directory, making appointments with your clients. You can consolidate your data and validation workflows. Access to a collective intelligence tool will be recorded on this platform to make decisions on current projects.


It is intended for all B2B companies in all sectors of activity


Access to a specific demonstration of your needs with the evolution of all the

of the CRM installation. We guarantee to accompany you throughout the training to give you all the keys to the configuration actions and to have a regular follow-up with our digital experts who will be there to answer any questions you may have

Mobile Applications

This audited and certified platform is fully usable on PWA (Progressive Web Apps) and smartphone applications in native iOS and Android code. It is operational regardless of network conditions for use in disconnected mode between a few hours and a few days.

All the devices are designed in no-code architecture and allow to respond quickly and precisely to your needs.

A complete ``self-audit`` formula

– Set up audit, self-audit and certification campaigns with ease.

– Use cases: ISO audit, certificate of compliance, SOX compliance, …

Audit on web and mobile applications

– Consolidate data in BI tools and generate reports or certificates

– Carry your audit processes on the move, support your auditors in their missions

The expert tool for audits and certifications

DIGITALIZR AUDIT is an intelligent software to understand and visualize the results of your campaigns, solutions or certifications. Track and meet the regulatory requirements for certification and control. Control data according to the information entered or collected. Create business improvement processes within the same system while actively integrating all employees on the system platform with a serious game solution and/or intranet.

Work in project mode and control your validation flows and organisation models to gain productivity and simplicity.  Centralise working documents by importing, editing and storing them collaboratively on a fast, intuitive and easy-to-use system. Perform risk and control assessments within a consistent framework that complies with industry standards, while monitoring risk levels. Targeted audit plans can be developed based on historical compliance performance or other risk indicators. In addition, any potential instances of non-compliance can be identified and escalated.

Create and manage standard and custom reports on all data produced from the platform using a graphing and dashboarding engine that makes full use of all data passing through the platform. To do this, the engine uses either data integrations from third-party systems, data generated by DIGITALIZR’s business applications, or user data transmitted within the framework of the platform’s web and mobile applications. All reports can be produced according to equations, filters, criteria, etc. You have the opportunity to produce fully customizable and/or automated reports sent directly by email to the manager and/or the team. These reports can be modified, sent back, shared, etc. The system works with user access rights that can be fully configured by the administrators, in order to give roles to the users.

Finally, the solution is deployable through the latest generation of responsive web software (PWA – Progressive Web App) and on native iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android smartphone applications offering mobile functionality and easy collaboration between colleagues. Sikiwis is an expert in auditing, and will assist you in getting to grips with the platform and in designing reports.

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DIGITALIZR AUDITS & CERTIFICATION – The expert audit platform

  1. Organisation modelling
  2. Audit campaigns
  3. Self-audit campaigns
  4. Certification campaigns
  5. Control and standard
  6. Contact directories
  7. Customer appointment setting
  8. Validation Workflow
  9. Automated data consolidation
  10. Collective intelligence and decision support tools
  11. Project management with decentralised management
  12. Instant business intelligence tools
  13. Automated and customisable reporting
  14. Collaborative intranet
  15. Document management
  16. Data management and processing

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