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Digitalizr Desk

Web and mobile apps based platform for client support and ticket management


Mobilize the full power of the latest generation technologies with the ticket control solution available on the web and mobile application. Improve collaboration between your teams thanks to a complete and dynamic digital solution. Take advantage of the 300 other modules that can be activated on your DIGITALIZR platform.

Client no code platform

Digitize and control your tickets thanks to our solution :

  • Manage your customer tickets and after-sales service without constraints.
  • Manage the rights of each member of each client organization : access or no access, if access choice of cases and projects to which the contact has access.
  • Report anomalies on the goods and services delivered to it, either transversally – linked to the case – or directly related to items of goods and services in order to precisely locate the location of the reported anomaly.
  • Manage internal assignments and distributions of customer tickets as well as interactions with the customer directly from the platform when your teams wish to communicate information or collect additional information.
  • Report your affected customers with notified after tickets are resolved.
  • Keep records in order to guarantee full traceability of all the operations carried out.