Digitalizr ERP - Next generation Digital ERP for enterprise management on web and mobile applications

A world class platform for industry 4.0


DIGITALIZR ERP is the next generation ERP as it embarks the full set of features available in traditional ERP systems but also comes loaded with an extensive range of features which enable the full enterprise management directly from users’ smartphones, thus enabling significant performance and EBIT improvement for the company.

DIGITALIZR ERP is the only ERP to ensure, beyond the critical functions of finance management and key operational processes, the digitization of every one of your operation.

DIGITALIZR ERP integrates all the necessary features of the ERP from the finance management of your company to the digitization of all your operational processes. The platform enables real time reporting of all your processes from sales management, purchase management, stock management, assets management, customer and supplier accounting, but also every operational process such as interdepartmental transfers, business management, equipment management, fleet management, provisional and maintenance management, etc.

Beyond those key processes, DIGITALZR guarantees the porting of every application on Smartphone and Tablets on iOS and Android as well as on Windows 10 and Chromebook applications in order to facilitate real time access to every resource of the company for each employee.

A flexible and customizable ERP

The set up and management of your ERP are performed in record time. Since our improvements are made in zero code, you save weeks and months for every update of processes and features.

Extended possibilities

We offer a range of customizable modules for the benefit of your productivity. For development through digitazion purpose, we favor the management of your company thanks to our 11 year-old expertise in ERP software


All tools and techniques for capturing, processing, analyzing customer and to prospect information for the purpose of customer loyalty.

Cover site maintenance, industrial maintenance and equipment maintenance. Get access to a unique platform that leverages the most advanced interactive technologies to bring the performance of your maintenance programs into a new dimension.

Speed up the process and distribution of pay slips and automate the collection of supporting documents from your employees (Driving license, resume, proof of address, RIB ...). Save time with our electronic signature module.

Collect in real time via your smartphone the production data of a factory or workshop, control the quality and monitor production among other things. These precious information are needed to optimize activities from the creation of the order of manufacture to the final product

Manage your expense reports and bills to your clients or suppliers easily. These features allow you to have an overall view on the expense and income of your company.

Share information about the availability of your resources through a totally customizable internal or external inventory. Order quickly from suppliers via a catalog managed by your teams in an ERP where they can follow and budget expenses through a purchase history.

Integrates to your existing system in record time with our connectors bank

Adapts to your organization, processes and environment regardless of their complexity

Leverages the full capabilities of web and mobile interactivity



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