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Vaccination steering tool

Vaccination management tool

Our vaccination management application allows you to protect your employees against covid 19. Sikiwis offers you an integrated solution to control and secure your organization with an information system that allows you to ensure and inform the follow-up of the vaccinated or not.

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Each user will have access to his profile in order to insert :


  • identification data and contact information.
  • Data related to the place of vaccination, type of vaccines and date of its realization…).
  • Vaccination certificates.
business intelligence

Access general statistics of the vaccination status within the organization and view :


  • The number of employees who have not yet completed the form.
  • The number of people who have given consent but have not yet had an appointment.
  • The number of people who are in the process of being vaccinated.
  • The number of people who are waiting for their first vaccination.
  • The number of people who have had their first vaccination.
  • The number of appointments obtained.
  • The change in vaccination status of the numbers by date.

Our visualization tool will allow you to know the risks thanks to 3 colours:

  • Green: The employee is not at risk because he/she has uploaded the necessary vaccination certificates.
  • Orange: The employee is slightly at risk, as he/she has only uploaded the certificate for one vaccine.
  • Red: The employee is not vaccinated.

Thus, our algorithm helps you to improve the safety of your organisation with the data collected.

Offer your employees the possibility to make an appointment :


  • Upon completion of the questionnaire, the user will be asked whether or not to make an appointment with a healthcare professional to proceed with the vaccination.
  • Access to available slots made available.
  • The platform will allow the patient to choose the place, date and duration of the appointment.