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Paul Sitbon

CEO of Sikiwis – Digitalizr’s VP Consulting

Paul brings a deep expertise in digital transformation  & operational excellence improving significantly performance of large public and private organizations

As CEO and founder of Sikiwis, Paul heads Digitalizr Research and Development program and its Consulting Division. He is responsible for defining its vision, strategy and priority targets.

« Our technology revolutionizes digital software distribution. We empower Humans with their embedded electronic, their smartphone »

Before that, Paul held all functions related to operational excellence. He is the former Head of IT Convergence of the Veolia Group, global leader in optimized resources, with over 163,000 employees worldwide ; former Chief Information Officer and VP of Merger Integrations of Transdev North America – #1 in the US for Mobility solutions combining all modes of transportation. Paul is also former McKinsey&Company Consultant where he helped several of the world’s leading software corporations define future strategies. He also head operations, equipment maintenance, and purchasing for a division of the Vinci Group.

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Chief Technical Officer

As Digitalization and Clouds Guru, Marc builds on 15 years as Project Director on Global IT projects for the Veolia Group and other Fortune 500 corporations. Marc heads Sikiwis’ Research & Development Lab. He manages teams of project managers and expert developers in mobile technologies. He drives Sikiwis’ key clients projects with strategic thinking.

General Secretary

With 10 years management in finance, human resources and communications in European industries with an exposure in international markets, Stephanie coordinate and contribute to the functions of the Sikiwis organization. She actively participates in the development and deployment of Sikiwis strategy.

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